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Relationship dating show

10-01-19 The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show, Relationship, Dating, and Comedy Drama Part 1

Relationship dating show

Sept 4, ITV ITV's latest reality experiment Singletown has arrived to fill the Love Island shaped hole in our lives, and this dating series with a twist sees five couples put their relationships on hold in order to explore single life in the city of London. Now, for any couple, this sounds like quite a risky format to get involved with, however the show's contestants did actually apply to take part in the ITV relationship dating.

Just to give you a heads up in regards to what producers were on the lookout for, the Singletown series one application page reads, "Have you been show doubts about the next stage of your relationship? Contestants are able to enjoy single-life in a swanky London pad, attend glamorous parties, and begin to explore the benefits of actually being single — however, in true reality TV fashion, there's a twist, because the contestant's exes are able to witness all the Singletown action for themselves, and at the end of their time on the ITV show, each couple must decide whether or not stay together or split for good.

In addition to fronting the show, the pair will also act as mentors for the Singletown contestants, and during an interview with the Radio Times, Atack and Dommett previously discussed their roles on the ITV2 dating series.

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