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Mammoth age dating

Mammoth age dating

Further, the authors had noted such samples may present some difficulty in dating and therefore dating samples had been measured in a second laboratory with satisfactory results. The replicate dating of important or controversial samples in more than one laboratory is well-established e. The design and organization of a laboratory intercomparison requires homogeneous samples in sufficient quantity to satisfy participants, and so in principle, a single mammoth tusk would meet these criteria.

Samples such as the mammoth tusk have been used in previous intercomparisons: e. One of the key advantages of such material is that a single dating a mammoth tusk can be resampled for analysis by multiple labs and thus does not require bulk homogenization. Therefore, as part of a preselection process for a future intercomparison, five samples from separate mammoth tusks were collected from Wrangel Island in in sufficient quantity to allow multiple dating.

The aim was to identify five separate samples of young age, sample up to 1 kg from each tusk and mark the location so that after preliminary dating, samples could be retrieved as required in the future. Six laboratories received samples for dating.